Surface Conversations

A collaborative effort, the poster design acted as the starting point when creating an identity for Surface Conversations, an architecture symposium that took place on UC's campus and inside of DAAP in October 2012. The design pulls inspiration from the meaning of surfaces by composing typographic fields, photography, line and color together. When printed, a silver metallic PMS color was applied to the gray fields to give the poster dimension and reference metals used in building.

The print collateral for the symposium focuses on the graphic shape of quotation marks, which symbolize conversation and create a field for textural applications to relate to surfaces. The pink hue is drawn from the palette on the surfaces inside and outside of the DAAP building, which serves as a focus and location for the symposium. Each aspect of the collateral is likely to be interacted with by the attendees, and it is necessary to establish a distinct branding to assist in their understanding and retention of the symposium and its goals.

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