Dwelling on the Threshold

Dwelling on the Threshold is based upon a book of essays written about David Lynch and his work as a director. The cover leads into a stylistic narrative told throughout the book— the balance retained when simply dwelling and the desire to move beyond and ignite philosophical thought and creativity. The color combination is derivative of Lynch's favored dark and moody palette, and the use of photography captures the surreal-yet-realistic setting of his films.

The inside of the essay book is structured by simple shapes and the basic color scheme, and the elements are consistently creating tension to invoke the retention of pent-up feelings and actions experienced by each reader. As the imagery progresses from a macro to micro view of the matches and boxes, the typography is developed to organize the essay content. Unlike many books about David Lynch, this design unites the criticism of his work with movie stills and personal photos related to his films in order to enhance what has been written.

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